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Construction Disputes
It would surprise most of us to learn that a very common practice in the construction fields is to simply not pay for work already performed or conversely to not perform the work which was already paid for.

Recently, our firm has been engaged in an increasing amount of construction related disputes. We have represented individuals and companies through all stages of disputes for both residential and commercial construction projects from beginning to end. We have assisted various contractors in securing liens upon real property for work that was performed and which the property owner refused to pay. In those cases, we assisted in eventually instituting foreclosure proceedings to finally get our clients paid.

We have also assisted property owners in defending against lien attempts by unscrupulous contractors who were attempting to fraudulently obtain a lien for money which they were not entitled.

Finally, we have represented individuals and businesses which acted as subcontractors in disputes on large commercial projects.

If you have questions about your rights or find yourself in need of our services either to recover money owed or to defend against a recovery action, please call and schedule an appointment.