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Traffic Ticket Representation Only $99

That right; we will represent you in court on your traffic matter for only $99. There are no gimmicks and no tricks. There is no haggling. The legal fee is set at only $99 for applicable traffic tickets.

A traffic ticket may impact you in ways you never considered. As a result, you may pay higher insurance premiums or even jeopardize your driving privileges. We work to reduce fines, dismiss tickets, and negotiate reductions to lesser charges that can minimize, reduce or remove negative consequences for your insurance and driver history.

As a courtesy, we offer free private access to individual pending charges to those who have received a letter from our office. Click HERE to privately access your pending charges, and enter your individual referal code and case id.

We have a great track record for keeping our clients motoring legally.

For most traffic violations you are not required to appear in court; we can represent you in court. Most case information can be handled by fax or mail. For more information please call 919.321.6569 or 919-885-4LAW. For more information, and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our blog at:

When you need help, and you need it now!

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Fax: 919.321.0335

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323 E. Chapel Hill Street, Suite 203B, Durham, NC 27701

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